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Tianjin Jiahan Chemical Co., Ltd. locates in Huayuan Industrial Park of Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park,it established in June, 2009 by the professor of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology (SCET) at Tianjin University (TU). Tianjin University (TU) is renowned both domestically and abroad for the chemistry scope.
Tianjin Jiahan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized in the field of fine chemicals research and producing. Our main products are Organic fluorine series products, intermediates of medicinal, pesticides, LED.
Jiahan established fine chemicals production base in Tianjin, one advanced laboratory and one test center,one union laboratory with Tianjin University (TU),and it is also the Practice and Internship Base for College Students.


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Company Name£ºTianjin Jiahan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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